Belle The Brave Engine
  • Number: 6120
  • Gender: Female
  • Stationed: Search and Rescue Centre
  • Class: BR 4MT
  • Configuration: 2-6-4T
  • Date bulit: 1995

Belle is one of the newest additions to the Search and Rescue Team.


Belle is a big brave blue engine. She has two water cannons high on her boiler from which she can shoot water to fight fires. Belle would be overwhelming if she wasn’t so nice, even Cranky likes her! She wants to do her best and be the best. Belle realizes that she isn’t the fire engine Sodor needs and supports Flynn in every way. In fact, when Flynn makes's Belle who is always there to help him out.[1]

Belle later tried to befriend Toby when she learned that they both had bells. At first she didn't understand that Toby is an older engine that may not like the same things she does, but now they're firm friends. Belle then helped to rescue Dart from falling in the fernce at the Smelters. When she was sent to help out at the steamworks, Belle heard the alarm go off and there was an engine in need of rescuing she raced away to find Thomas searching in a siding and he told her he was looking for Percy but then Belle smelled a familluar smell and she knew it was a fire right away and she and Thomas raced away to the place where it was coming from when they got there, They saw the Dieselworks was on fire and Percy was inside but luckly, Belle put the fire out with her water cannons and the Diesels celebrated her bravery and Percy and Thomas were together again. Belle is very helpful and kind.


Belle is based on a British Railways Standard Class 4 tank engine with added water cannons, brass bell, and electric headlamps on her bufferbeam and above her face.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Teresa Gallagher (UK/US; Day of the Diesels onwards)

Trivia Edit

  • Belle has both a whistle and a bell.
  • In real life, Belle's firefighting modifications would not be allowed as they use a lot of the water needed for proper steaming.

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