• Name: Flora
  • Gender: Female
  • Age:12
  • Home: Island of Sodor
  • Stationed: Sodor Tramways

Flora is Sir Topham Hatt's second steam tram.


Flora is a steam tram on the Island of Sodor, and her tram car is her pride and joy. She’s very happy to be one of the Sodor engines and delighted to be working with Toby. She’s proud to be able to travel on roads or tracks. She was brought to Sodor to meet Toby but the momment Toby saw her, he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her and have kids. Flora later tried to befriend Percy but Percy wanted to show Flora the sights of Sodor and made her fall in love with Henry. Flora is wise and wonderful just like Toby and that is why they wanted to be man and woman. from  Flora.


Flora is an attentive, friendly and cheerful little steam tram. Her tram coach is her pride and joy.


Flora is based on a 1904 Moseley Road Tramway steam tram, rebuilt into standard gauge. Instead of buffers, she has three couplings upon her front and rear bufferbeam. She has an 0-6-0 wheel arrangement.

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