Hank The American Engine
  • Gender: Male
  • Stationed: Unknown
  • Class: Pennsylvania Railroad's K4 Pacific
  • Designer: J.T. Wallis, Alfred W. Gibbs, and Axel Vogt
  • Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
  • Configuration: 4-6-2

Hank is a large American tender engine.

Bio Edit

Hank is a big and bold steam engine. He has the enthusiasm of a cheerleader, the strength of a titan and a propensity to be a little goofy! Hank doesn’t look like the conventional Sodor Steam Engine - he has lots of bells and whistles. While initially Hank puts the other engines out of joint, they quickly realise that Hank means well and has a very big heart. [1]

Thomas and Percy first met Hank at Brendam when he arrived. Thomas was impressed, until Hank told him he was "one of the finest little engines he'd ever seen". Thomas misinterpreted the comment as making fun of his size, and became determined to pull all of Hank's loads himself. While Thomas tired himself out pulling the heavy loads, Hank insisted that he help Thomas with the train. With the strain, Thomas eventually cracked a cylinder and finally decided to accept Hank's offer for help. Hank pushed Thomas to Knapford, where the other engines were waiting to greet Hank.

Persona Edit

Hank is unique in being very kind and helpful amongst the big engines, and is willing to offer any assistance to any engine who is struggling with their loads. He generally speaks with a stereotypical Texan accent.

Basis Edit

Hank is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad's K4 Pacific. He has buffers added to the back of his tender for coupling.

Voice Actors Edit

Trivia Edit

  • According to Sodor Island Fansite's interview with model maker and designer John Lee, Hank was originally designed to have an older face with a moustache. However, at HiT Entertainment's request, John made Hank look slightly younger and more jolly.
  • Hank is only partly modified to work on Sodor. His running plate has been altered, he is missing a headlamp, he has buffers on his tender, and he has been given screwlink couplings, yet he retains his cowcatcher.
  • In real life, Hank would be oversized to work on a British railway.

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